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Whether you are having a Traditional Wedding or a themed extravaganza – We have the perfect wedding décor.

The wedding décor you choose, whether it be for the Church, the Registry Office, The Wedding Breakfast or the evening reception, has got to both complement the style or theme of your special day and also, we are sure you will agree, should add a little bit of pizazz to proceedings. What you perhaps don’t want, in looking to achieve all that, is for the wedding décor to unexpectedly add disproportionately to the overall budget?

You may desire traditional elegance or you may want to match the décor to a wedding theme, such as a Tea Party, a Welsh Wedding or even a Zombie Apocalypse….and why not?

The really good news is that at we have both the experience and the design flair to deliver exactly what you need with… balloons

Wedding Décor – using balloons at a Traditional Wedding

Still by far most people’s first choice when it comes to wedding plans is a fabulous dress for the bride, top hats and tails for the principle men and the expectation that guests will be equally fastidiously attired, sporting fashionable and glamourous dresses and cool, stylish jacket and trousers, maybe with a hint of daring in the choice of accessories, such as jewellery or bow ties.

You might not immediately think that table decorations or entrance archways using balloons would blend in with such a traditional wedding plan, but we’ve done it successfully before and we understand that it’s all about taking care to ensure everything fits together and that our décor enhances the occasion.

Choosing the right colour, size and mix of balloons, where they are placed and how many will look right in which location is all important. If, for example, you’ve selected distinct table and chair covers, we can select balloons to match, or to contrast, according to your taste.

Depending too on the nature of the venue and the layout of tables for the Reception, we think carefully about the volume of decoration and placement. Overdoing things is often a mistake, but we always consult carefully with clients to tailor our designs so that they won’t detract from the impression you want to create, but will add a touch of class and elegance to a traditional wedding.

Wedding Décor – using balloons at a themed Welsh Wedding

Less often about traditional dress and more frequently a celebration in red, white and green – with a dragon thrown in here and there, (but this article isn’t about the new mother-in-law), a Welsh Wedding is the perfect opportunity to choose balloons, in those same colours, to add to the day; both in a fun way, but at the same time, with an eye on adding strength to the theme and style to the venue.

We can provide balloons in red, white and green, picturing a dragon and personalised – perhaps, for example, so that the children could all have a set each.

Equally we could design a table decoration to match cloths and napkins or create an archway, either behind the top table or at the entrance to the reception, all helping to bring the theme together in a consistent and memorable way throughout the day.

We love to help out at a Welsh Wedding and there are a huge variety of possibilities for adding to the enchantment of the day by selecting balloons for your wedding décor.


Wedding Décor – using balloons for a Zombie Wedding or a Tea Party theme

These days, many brides and grooms opt to celebrate their special day by choosing a theme that means something to them and/ or creates an opportunity for both the wedding party and all the guests to thoroughly immerse themselves in the occasion.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Zombie Apocalypse themes seem to be gaining in popularity, not least we suspect due to the opportunities they provide for dressing up and putting on a stunning event.

These types of weddings provide fantastic options for wedding decor using balloons. All sorts of colours and shapes could be imagined to go with the Tea Party, whilst perhaps, albeit a tad unusual: greys, blacks and whites, skull and crossbones patterns and balloons filled with spiders – bursting at the most opportune moments- could all be employed to enhance the Zombie theme.

Whatever your choice – we make sure your day has plenty of fizz…

..but not too many pops and bangs.

All the balloons we use are robust and our decorations, arches and gifts are all carefully constructed to make sure you don’t get an unexpected explosion, for example, in the middle of a speech – unless you want one of course! We can do that too.

We design stylish and fitting décor to add real class to your Wedding and / or Reception – giving the day a wonderful backdrop and. just as importantly, not breaking the bank

Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. Let us add a little bit of magic to your special day.


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